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More than just photos. Memories.

Each photo is a piece of your story, from subtle glances to grand emotions. I aim to capture these moments to create lasting memories.

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Explore my portfolio to find the perfect photo that resonates with you, from calming nature to vibrant city life, you’ll find a diverse range of images to match any aesthetic.

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From Moments to Memories.

I specialize in capturing life’s most precious moments, from intimate family gatherings to public events. My approach to meeting your photography needs translates into cherished moments of those special events.


Your Special Day

Each wedding is a unique expression of love and unity, from the ceremony to the reception. Capturing those genuine, unscripted moments to include in your wedding album to treasure is my passion.

What Clients Say!

“We had Heather come and photograph our backyard wedding. She captured the exact feel of what we wanted the day to be! The pictures are beautiful. So happy we chose Heather as she has provided us if lasting memories of our wedding and every guest in attendance! Heather managed to calm me when things were a bit chaotic – huge thanks! We highly recommend Heather!”

Kim S-A.

Special Events

Frame Every Moment

I believe that special events require special memories that will last a lifetime. My passion is to capture the true essence of each occasion, ensuring no precious moment goes unnoticed. Whether it’s a milestone birthday celebration, a romantic anniversary, or a corporate event, my focus is on preserving the unique atmosphere and capturing those unforgettable moments that define your special event. I guarantee that your memories will be beautifully encapsulated through my photography.

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