Hope this sunset photo warms you up. This image is #ChickPicotheDay DAY 1 taken back in 2011, when my page was a little baby. I remember I took it in Ancaster Ontario at the Festival of Friends. My kids and I were waiting for Dallas Green to come on stage and the sky looked like this, biblical. I THINK I took it on my Canon Rebel XSi and probably in auto mode. I loved that little camera, it was easy to use and SOOOOOOO light! I've upgraded since then and spent far too much moola on my gear for sure. I eventually moved on to a Canon 6D (another camera I loved dearly) it was with this camera I gradually learned to shoot in manual (I was never in to the AV and P settings, just auto and then manual). The 6D and I had many adventures together but we sadly parted ways when it fell off my strap and bounced into the Ganaraska River (it never really fully recovered from that swim) I replaced it with a 2nd Canon 6D and as time went on I added a bunch of lenses to the family. Too many lenses, in fact, I've banned myself from buying any more. Eventually I sunk some coin into my current camera a Canon 1DX, it's not top of the line for gear but pretty high up there, it weighs a ton and it doesn't have an "auto" mode but 99% of the time I'm confident shooting manual.
So, why am I telling you all of this? Well, someone in the comments section on one of my images said "what's with the day count? What is the importance of day 4,083? Why do you do this?" So I thought I'd refresh your memories, tell the newbies that follow me a bit about my page and "the counter" and of course I got squirelled and talked about my camera gear first.
Well, my page began when I was going through a rough patch in my life personally. I found that coping was made easier with the escape into photography. It has helped me immensely and has changed my life. It has carried me through the ups and downs that life tosses at us. I have met so many cool, cool people, explored so many backroads and captured many memories for folks. What began as a #PhotoADay or a #365daysinphotos project has now turned into (as of today) 4,083 days in a row. I think I've only missed 2 days and those were days that someone near to me passed away.
Here's some details: ALL the photos I post here (unless I say otherwise) have been taken BY ME, all the photos are available to purchase (just message me, my website store is pathetic), I shoot events like weddings, families, pets, babies, boudoir, real estate, cars, motorcycles, festivals for $$ (I have bills to pay).
I also welcome invitations to access abandoned places, etc.
I don't talk politics, religion, etc here I keep it light and fun unless something super crazy occurs. I just post photos of stuff I see and have been for 4,083 days in a row in the quiet, stress free corner of the internet. Secretly it would be nice to go a bit viral, but whatever. If you're brand new here, welcome and if you're a longtime follower, thank you! Make sure you LIKE AND FOLLOW my page and I always enjoy reading your comments, stories and banter. I love it when you share my posts too.
There you have it, my weekly babble, gotta head to town and grab a get well card and a sympathy card which sucks. Stay well, thanks for hanging out with me every day.

Peace, love and kumbaya,

P.S.-I found another owl the other day, it will pop up here one day soon.

P.P.S-I found an old USB thumb drive with my earliest images from day 1 on it (I thought I lost it in a computer crash)that's what started this whole walk down memory lane lol