Ok, let's just jump to the photo now shall we? Double click and zoom in. So you know, as far as I knew when taking this shot back on May 1st is that I was getting a shot of this Sandhill Crane. I discovered it first year I came to Tweed, all on his lonesome out in a cornfield. He hung out there easily for a good week, waaaaay at the back of the field. In this shot he was across the road from his usual hangout and a tad closer to the road. I never ever did see him with a partner but he must have one and it finally showed up after many flight cancellations, etc. ha. ha. ANYWHOOOOOO
I was having my usual what should I blog, what photo can I use staff meeting in my head and decided I'd use the Sandhill Crane shot and go from there. As I opened the image on my computer I noticed some extra colour down around the crane's legs. Well look at the image, see them? Sneaky wee monkeys! They must know I LOVE Wood Ducks too but this is the LAST place I'd expect to see them sneaking down the secret pathway to another pond? The crane sure doesn't look like it cares, perhaps it was hired to protect the ducks? I think it's hilarious, the cat thinks I'm bonkers and the husband acted surprised (I pulled him away from learning a new guitar chord to see the photo).
This past week I hung around on our back screened porch to keep away from the mosquitoes and black flies. I already look like I've got the chicken pox and I've almost picked off all of the scabs (I know, that's super gross but true) on one specific day I was there for an hour and in that hour I saw the following things fly, stroll, hop, saunter by: chipmunk, red squirrel, black squirrels, jays, chickadees, downy woodpeckers, nuthatches, jays (again), robins, the neighbours dogs, green heron, ravens, crows, grackles, red-wing blackbirds, starlings, Baltimore orioles, red headed woodpecker, wrens, sparrows, a variety of frogs, mallards and the muskrat. I might have missed a creature or 2.
So why drive for miles when I can sit here and see all of this? We decided to go for a short drive the other day while we charged our e-bikes, stopped in at a garage sale and I bought a camouflaged kids pop up tent ( I think I posted a shot of it here) for 5 dollah and I'll be sitting in that down around the pond to try and get some better shots of all of this wildlife traffic we've got here. It should be easier to get some shots from the tent than shooting through a screen that has 30,000 mosquitoes buzzing outside waiting for your blood at least I'll be closer and can poke my lens out the tent through a hole.
I believe I've got the studio sorted too, it's ready and waiting for some clients. Perhaps I should have a "girls night" out there and do some play shoots with the funky new couch I put up there. If I had a girl's night, who would come?? Comment below if you're interested.
Tonight in our town, it's the grand opening of our outdoor theatre which sits lakeside in the heart of downtown Tweed. It's called the Tweed & Company Outdoor Stage and the first show is by the band Hotel California a band I've seen before and they're amazing! It's outdoors so hoodie up, bring a lawn chair and grab yourselves a ticket here (while they last): https://www.facebook.com/tweedstage It will be a fabulous evening under the stars, listening to all the best Eagles tunes.

I hope to see you there!
Have a wonderful, safe weekend.
Peace, love and kumbaya,