Today's blog is about a few things as it always is. Firstly SEE the photo? I see it. It's a turtle. A ___________________ turtle. What the turtle wants to say (and yes, I am a turtle whisperer), what it wants to say is "watch out for my butt on the roads". That's right, tis the season for turtles to wander searching for that perfect location to lay their eggs. A lot of times you'll find that the perfect spot for them to do it (according to the turtles) is in the gravel at the side of roads or trails. Please watch out for them and for the love of god, don't chase it down to get a selfie with it PLEASE. Ok a turtle is far from being a bison but did you see that article about the death wish idiot inches from a full grown bison taking a selfie? Jayzuss! Oh and watch out for snakes too!
There's lots of baby animals out and about, they're still learning, so cut them some slack and keep a fair distance away, don't stress them out. Most of the shots I post here have been taken on my 100-400 lens taken fully zoomed out to 400 and then cropped. It may appear that I am inches away in some images but I am not. I think the last time I got super close to wildlife I was in my kayak, drifting, camera raised and shooting, wildlife pre-occupied with whatever they were doing and then suddenly BAM I lower my camera and look up or the wildlife looks up and we're feet away and we both kind of panic and back paddle quickly. The other day I found a Kingbird in our barn and it had been locked in overnight. It was flying at the window in the loft trying to get out when I discovered it. I talked to it in my best baby voice and after 5 or 10 minutes of trying to shuttle it down the steps and out the doors I finally got it to go out a hole in the wall up in the loft. I bet its nesting babies were happy to see it return. 15 minutes later I was sitting on our screened in porch and I spotted it sitting on top of the bird feeder staring at me through the screen. I know it had to be the same bird. My version of the end of the story is it came to thank me.
Well what a little Disney style blog this turned out to be today eh? It's time to finish it though, sweat is forming on my brow, my eyeglasses are fogging up as the day is warming up super hot again......must.find.swimming.hole. Stay cool.
Peace, love and kumbaya,
P.S.-Watch my page this weekend for a photo dump of bird shots leftover from May.