Let’s go all cute today shall we? The “boob” tree (as I call it) that is in our yard is a condo for chipmunks and there’s a bunch of littles hopping around our yard. Specifically, the bird feeder is where they hang out due to the all you can eat buffet I am providing them with. According to the trail cam, as of last night, that dining spot has now closed due to a late night munchie raid by a raccoon. I’ve come to kind of like these little dudes due to their adorableness and the fact that they live in the trees around us and not in our walls (touch wood), I appreciate that. I appreciate that so much so that I have plans to attempt to do a photo shoot with them. Stay tuned for that.

Umm, look for another “photo dump” of some images I took on a recent paddle (hopefully over the weekend.)

Ok, so, mark your calendars for Saturday, August 5th, 2023 for Tweed & Area Arts Council’s “Art in the Park” as I will have a booth there selling my images! The event runs from 10am until 4pm and is held in Tweed Memorial Park along the shores of Stoco Lake right in downtown Tweed! I’m happy that I can attend this year and am so excited! I plan on having a selection of large and small canvasses available but I need your help about what other types of items you’d like to see available for purchase with images on them. I LOVE to take photos but the whole retail aspect of it, I suck at, so ANY feedback/suggestions you may have.

One more thing, pray for NO rain between the hours of 1pm to 2pm this Saturday as I have a birthday celebration photoshoot with a fine 80 years young gal and her family tomorrow up at their cottage, thanks.

That’s it, I’m up early and posting this because after 4 years I am FINALLY going for a mani/pedi appointment. I hope they don’t charge me the rate they charge ogres because, as I said, it’s been a while. I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you get up to.

Peace, love and kumbaya,