"MOMMMMMMMM, George keeps trying to poop on me."

Is it time for your kids to get the heck back to school? Have they "overstayed" their summer holidays yet?

Let's deal with this week's photo now shall we? I mean I'm pretty sure that a lot of us can relate to it. We're well into the summer and if you recollect back to the days when WE were of school age this scene could be any one of our family summer scenarios. In the backseat of a station wagon crammed in amongst suitcases etc on the way to (insert exotic Canadian camping destination here) (I'll go first)....family vay-cay in PEI, camping circa 1971-1972. Stopping at a gas station at the Ontario "border" to Quebec, your Scottish dad saying "right, go in the store, get what you want because we're NOT STOPPING in Quebec! (all due respect to my Quebecois friends). Dad didn't know French, nor did my mum and we hadn't been taught it in school yet. Tension, language barriers, close quarters, just like this nest. Mum and Dad are free to come and go but the 2 rugrats can only practice fly in place and torment each other in the nest until one or both figure out what to do with their wings. By the look on the parents faces when I pass the nest is "if I hear I'm bored one more time...." Short story long, how's the summer going for you?

I've been prepping for my very first Art in the Park (down in this area) and picked myself up a canopy tent to hang out under when I show off my work I'm selling. Next week I'm going to practice setting it up. I don't want to be that person who we saw at the campsite in Cavendish Beach years ago who bought one of those fancy new fan dangled pop up campers and immediately drove 1,000s of miles to PEI and attempted to set it up for the very first time while my family and I watched them. My dad ran over to help when he saw the couple trying to insert the fully assembled frame through camper door. It's a learning curve, practice makes perfect. I hope some of you local folks can pop around to the Art in the Park in Tweed on Saturday, August 5th between 10am to 4pm and see if I put my canopy up correctly and to check out my photos on canvas.

I'm off on a mini adventure this morning and will be returning Sunday evening. I'm hoping to get in some paddling, trying to get up early and catch some wildlife shots and possibly park my butt on a dock as well. Super ambitious goals!

Ok, as per usual my mind is drifting to "what else do I need to take with me this weekend?" I just remembered "a dress" because I'm shooting an afternoon show this Sunday at Westben (outside of Campbellford) where the one and only Dan Hill will be performing! Cottage slob fashion is not permitted.

Ok. Bye for now.
Peace, love and kumbaya,