The countdown is on for Art in the Park in lovely downtown Tweed! Just a couple of weeks to go. As I don’t participate in many shows, this one is special to me, I hope some of you can attend. There’s a multitude of talented creators in our neck of the woods that have some wonderful pieces of their works available for you to purchase. As you can see in the photos below I will be bringing a variety of canvasses of my work that you may have seen posted here on my page. I don’t often take pics of my work but when I do it’s usually placed haphazardly on my kitchen floor (don’t worry the floor is clean and the canvasses are shrink-wrapped). I will also bring some larger pieces, all canvas too.

Come on out! Meet the artists, snag some of their fine work. Heck I even bought a fancy canopy to make my booth look more legit lol. Which reminds me, perhaps I should retrieve it from my car and practice putting it up before the show.

Anyhow, about MY canvasses shown here….they’re either 12″ x 8″ or 8″ x 10″. They’d make wonderful gifts or look just amazing on a wall somewhere in your home. They’re nice and light and easy-peasy to hang up.
I look forward to seeing some of you there and that you are able to “shop local” and “support local artists” by purchasing some of my work. That’s as far as I go in the begging/pleading department.
On a completely different subject, have you ever driven home in the dark out in the country?? I don’t make a habit of it but lately due to work commitments I’ve been getting home “after the street lights go on” so to speak except streetlights around here are very few and far between. It’s DARK, like SUPER DARK (yes I have my car headlights on, high beams when permitted). Just wondering…..that’s all I have for you this week I’m afraid (or you’re relieved, if you’ve read this far). Anyone have any suggestions on photos to take, any ideas, cool locations, etc…write ’em down in the comments below, thanks!

Have a good weekend and…
peace, love and kumbaya