As I sit in my executive office (aka the Kitchen) the ceiling fan is flying around and around while tiny beads of sweat have begun to form above my eyebrows and my glasses keep fogging up. Yet, my back feels cool. What kind of sorcery is that Mother Nature?

It's one of those days that make me thirsty, sweaty and overheated and I've yet to step out the door! I'm giving my camera the day off and have made plans to study the effects of water on my skin by submerging myself in a VERY kind neighbour's pool. I remember as kids, lining up against the wall of the house of a neighbour that had the only pool on the street. There'd be at least 6 or 7 of us in "the lineup" except the difference between this lineup and a police lineup was that you wanted to be picked, you know, to go in their pool. It was a nail biting process but the herd had to be thinned as the family with the pool already had 6 of their own kids. The losers sluggishly shuffled their hot and sweaty bodies home to sit in the coolness of their garage or run back and forth through a sprinkler. Lame.

So about the photo. I actually spent the day out back of our place for a change and why haven't I done that before? I should know better and could save a ton on gas and wear and tear on my wheels. I saw one of the 2 Green Herons, the Snappy the Snapping Turtle, 1 of the other 2 turtles, tiny fish, frogs (until the Green Heron ate 1), pingpong sized tadpoles, hummingbirds and my first (for 2023) Monarch Butterfly. I saw this little guy hiding in the bush while I was looking to find the noisy Heron in the trees. I'm going out on a limb here (lol) and saying the I think this little guys is pretty fresh out of the shell don't you think? There's lots of newbies flitting about these days, testing their flight and hunting skills so keep an eye out for them. iNaturalist is calling this little guy a Phoebe. I'm thinking it's just a regular sparrow but the beak size is throwing me off. What do you think?

Ok, time to look for something in the garage and go cash in my winning lotto ticket! It's exciting to win the lottery, even if it's only a Toonie lol. I was contemplating doing a cannonball at the neighbour's but emptying their pool does not get one invited back, I promise to behave. KEEP COOL and have a great weekend!

Peace, love and kumbaya,

P.S.-ONE WEEK until Art in the Park Tweed!!!! Hope to see some of you there :)