Heather Cardle Photographer

**This week's blog brought to you by #StellaCat**
So mom said I could write on her behalf this week and give her today off. She said she needs to step back and re-group, whatever that means. I don't even think mom knows what that means. Maybe it's a January thing or something (I don't know exactly what January means but if you bought her calendar it's the page with the eagle in the tree shot).
So I hope you've had a good week so far and have some fun plans for the weekend. I plan on taking a minimum of 10 or 11
2 hour naps per day. I think I will try and have those naps in some of the closets in the house. Maybe that closet in the bathroom because mom is freaked out that we've been catching mice in it. I love hunting mice but I'd rather point my paw when I find one so dad can try and catch it, I don't want to get my paws contaminated. Mom's closet is the trickiest to get in since that time mom and dad freaked out when they couldn't find me because that's where I was hiding. I mean who wouldn't want to nap on a comfy jet black sweater tucked at the back of a closet shelf while they run around checking everywhere calling my name (I'm not a dog, you can't just "summon" me, pfft). So since I got cat hair over the sweater and went MIA, mom jammed a couple of rocks at the closet door and now I can't get in anymore, so unfair. I'll have to google how to get a rock unstuck from a closet door. Although, there is the box that all that yummy cheesy popcorn came in, maybe I'll try snoozing in that. Mom finally put some birdseed out so I could also spend some time out on the screened in porch (if it's warm enough) and watch all those birds and squirrels gorge themselves. I prefer live bird feeder action over YouTube bird feeder videos.
Anyhow, I just saw that pesky red squirrel that hangs out in the chunky tree, I think I'll go and stare at it and dream that it gets bbq'd and put in my bowl and smothered with catnip for my 2nd breakfast. Mom will be back with her ramblings next week, not to worry (or be very worried lol) but can you do me a solid and tell her that I need have at least ONE photo in next year's calendar, maybe in April? That's when my birthday is. You guys are da best!

Peace, love and kumbaya,