#StellaCat WANTS (or believe's she wantS) to go camping with me but she's much like her pops and prefers indoor plumbing as opposed to a "thunder box".
So folks, I'm posting this a day early because wi-fi and back country camping do not work well together. I'm off on the annual Algonquin voyage with some folks and some dogs. Buh-bye hot shower and hello deep dark waters! Dreams of capturing wildlife through my camera dance through my mind. I remembered salt for the leeches this time around instead of picking them off my toes with my fingers like last year. Tall rubber boots in case we have to get out and drag our vessels over any beaver dams (last year there were at least 7 of them). A new compact camp chair and a quick dry towel are stuffed into my pack as well as chocolate covered almonds that hopefully won't melt. That's all I got for you this week. Fingers crossed we don't get much (if any) rain. What kind of wildlife do you think we MAY see?? Let me know in the comments below. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend and see you next week some time.

Peace, love and kumbaya,

P.S.-I've scheduled my #ChickPicotheDay so you'll be seeing them still.