This week the inside of my head resembles a popcorn machine, endless popcorn (my thoughts being the popcorn). I mean it's always like this, but quite a few extra kernels are in the machine this week. If a map were drawn of where I've been carrying these thoughts and ideas around it would be one endless scribble on a wall made by a toddler with a marker. (cheers to me for another long running sentence).
At one point, I was sat at my executive desk (aka the kitchen table) on an online chat with tech support about my drone, while looking at 3 separate lists all with the same things written on them, a calendar open to September on my phone, a calendar open on my computer to October while my husband was telling me there were chickadees out back wanting seed. Madness I tell you, madness. Oh and the hummingbirds are drinking like mad pirates.
Yesterday was lawn cutting day (not by me) but the apples down in our mini orchard were dropping like flies and I was asked to gather them. So I grabbed my bucket and my buck store grabber claw thingy and headed down there. Our trail cam has revealed that raccoons and deer frequent the apple trees at all hours of the day. I quickly filled one bucket and raked the rest around the trunks of each tree. The bucket was placed about 20 ft in front of the trail cam. Hope to see some critters cherry picking apples from the bucket (if that makes any sense). I also picked a good looking apple from one of the trees and took a bite, it was now I'm going to try and bake a pie and apple crisp......I haven't made a pie since I was about 8 and helped my mum by "forking the pastry". It's been a minute. So not only are some city folks going to be recipients of cucumbers and tomatoes, there may be a pie or maybe not. I bought 3 pkgs of pastry sheets (I know, it's cheating but whatever) because they were on sale. I bought them when I returned to the Valumart in town for blueberries I'd forgotten to buy the 1st time I went to town.
In conclusion, I saw a snake, my drone is getting fixed (and NO I did not crash it), there are cranberry orange muffins in the freezer (how do blueberries turn into cranberries?), I've 10 more shows to shoot, I'm shooting the Tweed Stampede & Jamboree this LONG weekend (get your tickets here: ) and about the photo I've posted here today, I have made it the backdrop on my computer. I just LOVE the look and how I feel when I gaze at it. (one can still gaze whilst one's head is filled with live popcorn)
Have a safe enjoyable long weekend, enjoy those last precious moments with your kids before they start back to school (or count the minutes til they do).

Peace, love and kumbaya,
Heather Redenbacher