Let the Christmas market games begin! Just in our tiny wee town alone there is so much going on! Just letting you know that I will be participating in just 2 shows this season. I’m bringing along a variety of canvases as well as what’s left of my 2024 calendars. If you’re local and want to “skip the shipping” come to these events and pick up some swanky art from your fav crazy photographer.
I may not have “shots with Santa” this year but how about a selfie with Buddy the Elf’s sister……ME. Bet you didn’t know that little tidbit now did you? I’m not fussy on spaghetti and maple syrup but he is my bro according to ancestry.com LOL.
Friday, Dec. 1, 2023 I’ll have a little table in Deb’s funky cool store Black Moon Curios (provided she doesn’t get fed up with me I will be there between 5pm to 8pm) STOP ON IN!
Saturday, Dec. 2,2023 I’ll be at the Land O’Lakes Curling Club 301 St.Joseph St., Tweed from 10am til 3pm (come see me and all the vendors and then go visit the Festival of Trees).
These are the last 2 shows for me for the year so I hope you can make it out and get in some Christmas shopping.
There will be so many cool vendors selling many fine products.
So on another note here are some tidbits I wanted to share because I can’t think of what to write this week (what else is new right?)
1) We DID NOT eat the Maple flavoured Spam I posted about last week.
2) I wore out my car battery the other night and needed a boost. (thank GOD for CAA).
3) I’m pretty much recovered from my trip-fecta of injuries: ribs, infected thumb and allergic reaction to something I injested. I’ve only shown a select few the photos I took of my “botox lips” NO I did not get botox but I resembled a botox injection gone bad. The photo could be a viral meme though. I’ll post it if you pay me $100bucks lol.
4) As I said before, my website sort of sucks even more at the moment as I navigate through figuring out how to re-organize it. I’m hoping a couple of friends I’ve contacted will help me through the disaster of it. IF I get it sorted my mission is to deliver to you my #ChickPicotheDay shots in a different manner and make it easier for you to order from me/book me. My website is so lonely but I know why, it’s the how that I need assistance with. My goal is to spend less time online and more time out shooting. We shall see.
Finally: This weekend a very important and much loved but extremely shy person in my life is celebrating a milestone birthday. I’ve got to prepare, no time for photos…it’s cake, games, karaoke and a small gathering with my loved ones. I’m so excited. I hope you have a great weekend too!
Peace, love and kumbaya,