“Little red Cardinals (or puffy ones) are sent from above by beautiful angels who still feel your love.”
~Leesah Marie Noon

Tomorrow would have been my sweet wee mum’s 91st birthday. Sadly, she passed almost 4 years ago. I miss her every day (her photo is in 1st comment below). If you’re new to my page, I used to post a shot of her whenever we’d go out to lunch. At first she’d just go “ok” when I asked to take her photo and I did and that was that (except I’d post it on here). Even though her full name was Elizabeth, folks called her Betty or Betty Boop or the Boopster. Eventually, she had a following here and I’d read her everyone’s lovely comments. She was quite chuffed about it. She loved seeing my photos and in fact when I took her on a day trip to Algonquin Park one year she brought me luck and we snagged a lovely photo of a fox. She was my lucky charm. So of course I’m posting the Cardinal photo this week because when you see one, it means a loved one is near (or something like that). A few of my friends have lost their partners in the past few weeks and sadly I could not be there in person to offer them my condolences with a good solid tight hug so I decided to post the Cardinal shot in memory of my wee mum and to my friends that have lost their loved ones. Not every week can be rainbows and butterflies right?
I’m half-assed trying to play catchups on my images this past week. I’ve boasted about abandoned house shots and bird shots lately so it’s quite possible I may have to do a photo dump in an album format to bring my page up to date so you’re not looking at snow photos in the summer. Now that I’ve just confessed all that to you all, the pressure is on…..that is of course until I “get squirrelled” which will be what most likely happens….like going to the Outdoor Adventure Show – Toronto next weekend. Some of my fav Instagrammers and YouTubers will be in attendance and I’m excited to meet them in person. CamperChristina.com is one gal in particular I’m excited to listen to her presentation and meet. I found out about her through my daughter-in-law (who organizes our annual family camp trip) Christina said “make sure you introduce yourself as your screen name so I know who you are” I’m so glad my instagram screen name is heathercards and not PrincessFluffyPants or whatever lol. Although, I’m sure some of you wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if I did have a screen name like that.
Ok, before I go, don’t forget that if you really really like an image I post and want a copy, all of my images are available to purchase. You can buy a digital copy for $25 and take it to whatever printer you want. My “online store” on my website isn’t up to speed and who knows when or if it ever will be so just message me if you want to buy an image.
This weekend is a long one around these parts with Monday being “Family Day” and on Saturday there’s a Polar Ice Plunge on our lake which is part of the Tweed Winter Carnival lots of fun activities to be had. Whatever you get up to, stay warm, stay safe and have fun, kiss a Cardinal.

Peace, love and kumbaya,