"Fancy a cuppa?" I mean, BYOTea & BYOWater & BYOHydro but for SURE I'll supply the kettle, you have 5 options. I'm finally getting around to posting the odd abandoned house shots. All from the same house and one I had permission to go in. Now when I'm out and about I look for abandoned houses and well, sorry but screw the owls, they're a pain to find. We've almost finished binging Wentworth on Netflix, all they ever talk about is "cuppas" and since we're on season 8 I think I speak "Australian" now (inside my head anyhow) so I thought I'd throw that word "cuppa" out there. Can you tell I'm struggling on what to write about? lol Every week I do. ANYHOW, it's all my fault, I'm the one who started this weekly blog thing.
Oh remember a few weeks back I spoke about attending a "seed party"? Sounds sketchy but it's a real thing but it's all new to me. I met up with some friends who are legit gardeners/farmers and they had BINS/TOTES of different seeds in envelopes, zip bags etc. Vegetable seeds, flowers seeds, they had the motherload of them. I tried to show restraint but I got all caught up with pouring seeds into little envelopes, writing copious notes on them about what they were and how and when to begin growing them. So, right now upstairs in some buck store mini greenhouses I've got 44 pots of tomatoes, peppers and a strip of cucumbers that will hopefully sprout. I just found some random cucumber seeds and for some reason decided to plant them now which most likely is a mistake. I've started far too many seeds, I know I have and IF they even sprout, who knows if they'll make it into the ground or not. I foresee a trip to the garden centre in a few months time and grabbing some actual plants due to my brown thumb of death. First I'll see if I can actually grow something from seed.Regardless of the outcome, failing all the aforementioned I may end up buying a basket of roadside tomatoes off of someone who actually knows how to grow them and take photos of them. See how I brought this blog story back to what I really want to write about and that's taking pictures. I'll just end this drivel now and maybe y'all could tell me what your fav vegetable is in the comments below. I'll go first.......cucumbers.
I'm off to check out the Outdoor Show out by the airport in Toronto this weekend, get my outdoor fix indoors where it's warm. Have a great weekend!