OMG September! WHAT is your hurry??? The weather has been superb and the fall colour crawl for those vibrant leaf images has begun! I'm looking for families that want some fall shots done. I have a couple of really cool funky furniture pieces I want people to perch on out in the woods (I've found 3 spots close by). Whose down for that??? I'll take one of my chairs out and pose them in the locations I'm thinking of and post them on here. DM me for a session! Let's DO THIS!

Having just written all that perhaps this next story doesn't line up with me selling photo sessions but it's quite funny. It may not write out as funny but the mice are trying to sneak in due to the chilly nights. We've got traps set up in a few cupboards in the house, specifically there's one in the cupboard beneath the stairs. I flicked on the light and poked my head in there the other night to grab something. I glanced at the trap on the floor about 3 ft inside the cupboard and noted that sadly we'd caught a teeny tiny one. I slammed the door. Nothing like a teeny tiny flattened dead mouse to scare the pants off of you right? Don't judge. I wrote my husband a note "FYI there's a wee dead mouse in the trap in the cupboard, can you throw it out please? I'm too chicken." Next morning I came down and asked about the mouse, Paul says "you mean the painted on one on the trap?" It was painted on, it's part of their "design". Crappy eyes. Silly me. Book a photo session with me! lol no seriously, book a session, let's have some fun.

ANYWHOOOOO....THANKS SO MUCH for those of you have pre-ordered a calendar off of me, we're off to a great start. I appreciate your orders! That being said, I will have to harp at you until I sell them all here's the details: $25cdn (p/u in Tweed) or $35cdn (shipped to your Canadian door, other countries I will have to get a price for you). Send me an e-transfer to: (don't forget your address)
The calendar artwork has been sent to the printers and I should be receiving a proof in the next week or so. Some of you have asked "what's it look like?" I will post the cover or bits and bobs of it once I get the proof maybe. Hey previous customers, what was YOUR fav month in 2023? Post a shot of it below so others can see please.

I hope the The Weather Network isn't messing with my brain and delivers what may likely be (but hopefully not) the last of the sunshine and high temps this weekend. Fingers crossed. Have a safe and fun weekend folks!

Peace, love and kumbaya,

**SORRY (not sorry) about all of the (((( ))))) every other long running sentence.