Words I just uttered to anyone who could hear me in the house......"is today Friday??"
"Yes" came a reply from the man upstairs working away.
"OMG, WHAT is wrong with me?"
So, there you have it, I have completely lost track of time!
I think my brain melted in this insane heat, that's probably what happened! Right?
Air conditioning is my BEST FRIEND because the deer flies have arrived and they can go to hellllllll and following a close 2nd, so can the mosquitos! I'm craving a swim so I will have to fulfill that urge up the road at the community pool.....tomorrow I hope.
This week has been a roller coaster ride for me with meeting up and shooting all of those fine country artists and the cast of MURDER AT ACKERTON MANOR @ The MAC (such a fun show performed by some VERY talented actors, grab some tickets and go see it if you're local). I also crossed a weird bridge to a cottage I took Air BnB photos for, that was a first (the bridge to the cottage). That's all I got for y'all this week, snoring boring read I'm afraid.
OH and BTW, I've got a HUGE order of canvas prints I had made for the @Art in the Park in Tweed August 5th. I hope you'll stop my booth and the other ones too and pick up some fine-ness from local artists!
That's all, it's date night and I gotta get ready. Happy to give my camera the night off and sit and watch some fine theatre and find out WHO murdered WHO at the Marble Arts Centre tonight.

Have a great FRIDAY everyone!
Peace, love and kumbaya,